Paragon Space Development Corporation: The Dawn of a New Operational Era

Glenn Wells Takes the Helm as COO Amidst an Expanding Universe of Opportunities

Key Takeaways

  • Glenn Wells is appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer of Paragon Space Development Corporation.
  • Wells will be in charge of steering day-to-day operations, executing long-term plans, and achieving strategic business goals.
  • The appointment comes at a crucial time when Paragon aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities in aerospace, defense, and technology.

About Paragon Space Development Corporation

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Paragon Space Development Corporation (Paragon) has stood the test of time and technology as a leader in designing systems for extreme environments—be it in sea, land, air, or space. This Tucson, Arizona-based pioneer has had a hand in every human space program since 1999, offering a wide array of services ranging from design and analysis to hardware manufacturing. Paragon’s operations have continually expanded to cater to the most innovative civil and commercial space programs of our time.

A Leader Takes Charge: Glenn Wells as the New COO

On August 22, 2023, Paragon announced Glenn A. Wells as its new Chief Operating Officer. Wells is tasked with a multifaceted role—overseeing daily operations, creating and implementing strategies for business goals, and bringing to life the vision set forth by Paragon’s leadership.

A Rich Tapestry of Experience

Wells brings with him a cornucopia of experiences spanning over three decades in the aerospace and defense industry. With a track record that includes high-level roles at Sun Country Industries, Celestica Inc., Composite Engineering, and Cubic Defense Systems, his operational acumen is unparalleled. Educational credentials from California State University Northridge and a Master’s in Business Administration from Pepperdine University further embellish his impressive profile.

Grant Anderson, the President & CEO and Co-Founder of Paragon, expressed his excitement, stating, “With recent world events, the rapid advancements in technology and space, and the growing needs to support our country’s national defense, it will be companies like Paragon that will drive innovation, set new standards, and positively contribute to the enhancement of our national industrial and technological base. With Glenn Wells now onboard, we’ll have the right COO to help capitalize on important opportunities before us and to lead the way. On behalf of our company, I am proud to welcome Glenn to Paragon.”

Glenn Wells himself shared his enthusiasm, mentioning, “I cannot express how honored and excited I am to join Paragon. It is a company that is on the cutting edge of technological design and engineering, vital to supporting our nation’s space and defense requirements, and driven by a team of outstanding people who are here for all of the right reasons. I look forward to contributing to Paragon’s success immediately.”

Setting Sail in Uncharted Waters: The Road Ahead

With emerging commercial, government, and international customers displaying a robust need for Paragon’s specialized products, Wells’ appointment couldn’t have been timelier. His rich industry background and strategic acumen will likely serve as a springboard for Paragon to dive into new opportunities and challenges—especially in an era marked by rapid technological advancements and evolving defense needs.

A Catalyst for Innovation

Wells’ arrival coincides with a watershed moment in aerospace and defense technology. His leadership style and operational expertise are expected to accelerate Paragon’s contributions to various segments, from civil and commercial space programs to national defense initiatives.

The Future Looks Brighter

As Paragon gears up for its next phase of growth, the addition of Glenn Wells as COO comes as a promising turn of events. His vast experience and strategic capabilities are projected to not just keep Paragon on its existing trajectory but potentially propel it into new orbits of innovation and success.

Paragon is not just a company; it’s an institution driven by a collective quest for excellence. With a track record of 30 years and counting, the company has proven its resilience and adaptability. Under the new operational leadership of Glenn Wells, Paragon seems all set to write a new chapter in its illustrious history—a chapter filled with unprecedented innovation, technological mastery, and sustainable growth.

For more details about Paragon’s journey and what lies ahead, you can visit their official website here.

Written by Shantel

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