Riding the Wave of Event Tech Revolution: EventsPass Unveils Next Growth Stage with New COO

Melissa Ooi Joins as Chief Operating Officer to Amplify EventsPass’s Rise as the Go-To Marketing Partner for Event Organizers

Key Takeaways

  • Melissa Ooi, a seasoned executive in the event technology arena, is appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer at EventsPass.
  • The company aims to set new standards in event technology, focusing on customer-centricity and operational efficiency.
  • EventsPass is already a popular choice among event professionals, offering a slew of revenue-driving features such as flexible ticketing, promo codes, and lead generation tools.

About EventsPass

Founded six years ago, EventsPass has swiftly ascended as a crucial service provider in the event organization landscape. With an ensemble of essential tools, the company empowers event organizers to launch complex ticketing and registration systems efficiently. Renowned for handling some of the biggest events in North America, like the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and the ASM International Beer, Food & Wine Festival, EventsPass is clearly more than just another software company; it’s a transformative force in event technology.

A New COO for a New Era: Meet Melissa Ooi

EventsPass announced on August 22, 2023, a significant restructuring in its leadership as it prepares for its next stage of growth. Spearheading this new era is Melissa Ooi, the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer. Ooi is no stranger to the corridors of event technology, boasting two decades of experience. She joined EventsPass in 2022 as Executive Vice President for US Operations, coming from a tenure as Executive Vice President at London-based ASP Inc.

A Focus on Software and Service

EventsPass CEO, Adam Blakney, emphasized the significance of this appointment by saying, “We are embracing our role as a bright spot in this dark event tech landscape. Software and service together is what event professionals really want, it’s what they really need, and there is no one better at that combination than Melissa Ooi.”

Ooi herself is upbeat about the role she is stepping into. “From this strong foundation, we are focusing on future growth, and I am thrilled to lead this company to the next level,” says Melissa Ooi. “We have advanced software technology, a fresh take on support services, excellent clients, and so much more to come from this amazing team.”

What Sets EventsPass Apart: A Closer Look

The key to EventsPass’s success lies in its ability to address specific issues that plague event organizers. From offering a wide range of ticketing options to the issuance of promo codes, their proprietary software ticks every box that event professionals care about.

No More Data Leakage

One of the groundbreaking solutions from EventsPass is its proprietary registration flow, which successfully tackles the persistent issue of anonymous consumer show attendee data leakage.

More than Just Ticket Sales

EventsPass goes beyond merely aiding in ticket sales. Their business intelligence dashboards and lead generation capabilities for exhibitors further differentiate them in a market where customer success is everything.

The Path Forward: Steadfast and Bright

EventsPass has carved out a reputation for stable leadership and alignment to market needs, and this hasn’t gone unnoticed among investors. “We have confidence behind us along with financial backing to grow. We are only accepting investment interests where and when it makes sense,” Adam Blakney reveals.

The company’s roadmap is clear: a focus on customer-centricity while advancing operational efficiency. “EventsPass is prioritizing who we serve, taking our company specifically into a place where the software is a strong tool for selling more tickets and our people are taking a front-seat to support client success,” adds Blakney.

Conclusion: A Shining Beacon in Event Technology

In an industry marred by constant challenges and rapid technological shifts, EventsPass appears to be doing all the right things at the right time. With the appointment of Melissa Ooi as the new COO, the company seems all set to define the future of customer-centric event technology solutions. For event organizers looking for a reliable partner to navigate the ever-evolving event tech landscape, EventsPass seems to be the go-to destination.

For more details about EventsPass’s journey and future plans, you can visit their official website here.

Written by Shantel

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