A Leap Forward for Wahed Inc.: Mohsin Siddiqui Takes Charge as COO

Guiding the Global Islamic Fintech Towards Regional Expansion and Financial Inclusion

Key Takeaways:

  • Mohsin Siddiqui has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Wahed Inc.
  • Siddiqui comes from a strong background in fintech, having served in significant roles at ComplyAdvantage and OANDA.
  • His main objectives will be to spearhead regional expansion, enhance the product suite, and build a world-class technology platform.
  • The strategic move aims to connect with the 2+ billion Muslim population globally.

About Wahed Inc.

Wahed Inc., headquartered in New York, is a leading global Islamic fintech firm on a mission to encourage shari’ah-compliant, ethical investing. The company’s award-winning digital platform aims to make investing accessible without requiring customers to compromise their values. Licensed across 10 jurisdictions through its international subsidiaries, Wahed Inc. operates 11 offices worldwide and serves over 300,000 customers. For more information, visit Wahed’s website.

A Stellar Addition to the Wahed Leadership: Who Is Mohsin Siddiqui?

“I am delighted to welcome Mohsin to the Wahed executive team,” said Junaid Wahedna, the Founder and CEO of Wahed Inc. This recent appointment has made waves within the industry, and for good reason. Siddiqui, formerly the Chief Revenue Officer at UK-based RegTech firm ComplyAdvantage, was instrumental in leading the company’s revenue growth objectives post its Series-C round of funding.

But Mohsin’s journey began at OANDA, a New York-based online trading fintech, where he served as the Chief Customer Officer and Managing Director. At OANDA, he cultivated the company’s core presence in U.S. and Canadian markets and even initiated its expansion into several markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Mission Ahead: What Does Mohsin Siddiqui Bring to the Table?

“I am confident in Wahed’s unique value proposition and its product offering,” Siddiqui expressed after his appointment. His core responsibilities will focus on the strategic growth objectives of Wahed Inc. He is expected to facilitate regional expansion, scale the product suite, and build a state-of-the-art technology platform that complements the company’s mission.

Siddiqui brings more than just operational expertise; he brings a rich history of leadership in scaling fintechs. His experience will be instrumental in Wahed’s next phase, focused on reaching a Muslim population that numbers in the billions. “I look forward to introducing Wahed’s technology platform to several key markets where there is a substantial need for riba-free financial solutions for retail investors,” Siddiqui said.

Expanding The Frontiers: Reaching the Global Muslim Population

Junaid Wahedna stressed that Mohsin’s “expertise and leadership in scaling fintechs with similar growth ambitions to Wahed’s will be instrumental as we continue to advance our global growth strategy.” This strategy includes a very clear objective: to reach the 2+ billion Muslim population worldwide.

Wahed Inc. already operates across 10 jurisdictions, but the Islamic fintech space is still relatively underpenetrated. This presents a significant opportunity for growth. With Siddiqui at the helm of operations, the company aims to create a tailored and globally accessible financial inclusion model for members seeking Shari’ah compliant products.

Enhancing Product Offerings: Meeting Diverse Financial Needs

While Wahed already has an impressive product suite, Mohsin Siddiqui is expected to bring a wave of innovation to it. He will oversee the development of additional services and tools that align with the company’s mission of promoting ethical, Shari’ah compliant investing. This is crucial for attracting a wider range of clients who not only wish to invest but want to do it in a way that is in harmony with their beliefs.

The Technology Angle: Building a World-Class Platform

One of Mohsin’s principal tasks will be to concentrate on the technology platform that powers Wahed’s services. The aim is to build a world-class fintech ecosystem that can support the ambitious growth plans while ensuring a seamless user experience for the customer.

A New Chapter for Wahed Inc.

Mohsin Siddiqui’s appointment marks a new chapter in the growth story of Wahed Inc. His expertise in fintech and his demonstrated ability to scale companies make him an ideal choice for executing the ambitious goals set forth by Wahed Inc.

For a company that has already achieved much, the future looks even more promising. Whether it’s expanding into new markets or rolling out innovative financial solutions, the aim remains unchanged—financial inclusion for all, in a way that is ethically grounded and Shari’ah compliant. With Siddiqui’s leadership, Wahed is poised to make even greater strides in changing the world of finance for the better.

For more information on how Wahed is trying to change the world of finance for the better, you can visit their official website.

Written by Shantel

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