Technologies Inc. Announces the Appointment of Chief Information Officer, and promotion of co-Chief Operating Officers

TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“TerraZero” or the “Company”) has announced the appointment of Chuck Toussieng as Chief Information Officer, and the promotion of Brandon F. Johnson to Chief Operating Officer, and Ryan Kieffer to Chief Operating Officer, to serve as Co-Chief Operating Officers in furtherance of expanding TerraZero’s vision for the future of the Metaverse, virtual technologies, Web3 and the Internet at large.

Chuck Toussieng brings over thirty years of full-cycle software development experience to TerraZero, as he takes on the task of scaling TerraZero future products and services. Chuck has executed solutions for everything from video games to satellite controllers, blockchain technologies, and endeavors in TV and film. Chuck’s focus at TerraZero will be the development, optimization and delivery of the TerraZero ecosystem.

Over the past year Brandon F. Johnson and Ryan Kieffer have spearheaded the company’s vision and business development efforts, onboarding clients with market caps in the 100s of billions into Metaversal and other virtual environments. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kieffer have also assembled to build, develop, and deliver products such as the intraverse. In their new roles Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kieffer will have increased official responsibilities, including the management of day-to-day operations across all company divisions, and the further development of the TerraZero ecosystem, covering everything from private and public Metaverse solutions to AR, XR, AI, payment products, and more.

Dan Reitzik, TerraZero CEO commented, “The addition of Mr. Toussieng is key to scaling our already market leading metaverse products and services. The excitement around the metaverse seen over the past two years, has now culminated in the development and deployment of new technologies that not only bridge the real world with the virtual world, but at the same time provide experiences that bring brands and their customers together in an interactive way, unseen until now. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kieffer will continue to work with the Company’s clients and partners, with the additional oversight to ensure that the TerraZero metaverse ecosystem is continuously meeting the expectations of our clients.”

About TerraZero Technologies Inc.

TerraZero Technologies Inc. (“TerraZero”) is a vertically integrated Metaverse development group and leading web3 technology company specializing in helping brands create immersive experiences. The Company’s Metaverse-agnostic vision is to develop and implement products and services with scalable commercial applications to flourish engagement across gamified experiences where enterprise- level businesses, Metaverse platforms, and web3 creators can seamlessly bridge and actionably grow their virtual world and the physical world endeavors together as one. TerraZero owns digital real estate for brands to establish presence in existing virtual worlds and can also offer brands their own private worlds to provide offices and services to those interested in the Metaverse. Furthermore, TerraZero acquires, designs, builds, and operates virtual assets and solutions to monetize the Metaverse ecosystem. The Company’s businesses are segmented into five (5) divisions which include: (1) Immersive experience creation in existing or private virtual worlds; (2) advertising; (3) data analytics; (4) events and marketing; and (5) infrastructure. TerraZero aims to support the community, foster innovation, and drive adoption. For more information, please visit

Written by Shantel

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