Silverpush and 4D Announce Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Contextual Targeting to Boost Cookieless Advertising Solutions

Silverpush, a global leader in cookieless advertising solutions has recently announced its strategic partnership with 4D, the advanced contextual targeting and insights platform, built by customer experience business, Silverbullet. This partnership is a part of Silverpush’s efforts to advance its omnichannel strategy with Mirrors and enhance its vision for a cookieless future in the advertising landscape.

Growing concerns and stricter regulations regarding consumer privacy have prompted Safari and Firefox to ban third-party cookies, and Chrome is following suit. IAB predicts that publishers could suffer losses of up to $10 billion in advertising revenue once third-party cookies are phased out entirely. In reaction, digital marketers are scrambling to identify substitutes that enable them to deliver targeted advertising while upholding data privacy standards.

Silverpush has already established its position in the advertising industry with its advanced contextual intelligence technology, Mirrors, which includes cookieless solutions and in-video context detection capabilities. Through this new partnership with 4D, the company is taking further steps to expand its cookieless offerings across various digital platforms, such as OTT, CTV, and Programmatic. This move is expected to have a significant impact on the industry’s shift away from traditional cookie-based advertising.

“By joining hands with 4D, Silverpush’s clients and marketing partners will be able to identify brand-appropriate content beyond the usual frameworks and target it contextually with greater precision,” stated Kartik Mehta, COO & CRO at Silverpush.

This move will enable the company to offer crucial contextual insights by detecting non-endemic keywords and contexts that significantly impact campaign performance. This valuable information can be leveraged by advertisers to enhance the delivery and effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Silverpush, as we align our businesses to pave a better future for the privacy-era. In a world where customer experience and trust continue to remain in high focus, it’s imperative that businesses look to adopt advanced contextual solutions, to take full advantage of reaching the right consumers, in the environments they trust, in the moments that matter – all without the use of cookies or personal identifiers.” Umberto Torrielli, Co-founder and CSO at Silverbullet and 4D.

About Silverpush

Silverpush is an advertising technology firm providing cookieless AI-Powered hyper-contextual solutions to advertisers to reach their target audience at the relevant moment. Silverpush has a global presence in 18+ offices worldwide, has won 7+ global awards, worked with Fortune 500 brands, and has successfully completed 4000+ campaigns.

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About 4D

4D is the privacy-first contextual targeting and insights platform that enables the delivery of display and video campaigns in environments consumers trust. Built by Silverbullet, 4D brings together the most advanced machine learning and AI technologies to help you reach your customers at the right place, right time, and in the right moment- all the while respecting their privacy and rights as consumers.

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Written by Shantel

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